Out there with the dark

The twinkle glitters of


along the web

Our families sticky,

spidery web

Holding us all together

As each of us swing in the breeze

Drops of dew

dance mysteries

Weaving intricacies

like snow flakes

Darkness comes too soon

Light feels

Can’t you see

It’s everywhere?

I see you

You feel it from me

Like a hand in the hall

Long & dark

Tickling the back of your neck

Quickening your steps

My hand brings the light

A warm hold to bring you in

Lessening the tap



Of fear

Fears from dark

From loneliness & hurt

Darkness gifts you light awaiting

Look to the edge of our web

You’ll see light

On the horizon

Reaching out for you.

It Rips


It takes everything you ever owned

It rummages through every thought you have

It races across your heart

Stampedes into your routine

Lifts you higher than you can see

Dances into all the loneliest places

Colours the walls of your heart

With thick and gooey feels

It gives and gives and gives

And reminds you that there is nothing but honesty in those words dripping into pillows

Everything that scares you now pulls you from the seat

Throws you into the ring and shoots at your feet

You’ll dance and dance until the circus empties

You’ll call and cry into the stars

And wonder why you never saw it coming

The burn that strips away your essence

The fear that mounts in the throat

You can’t swallow it away

You can’t wash it down

It sticks

It rips

It repeats all the fuck ups you wished could be wiped

There will be tears that never end

There will be questions never answered

There will be armies of friends to you hold up

There will be all the sunny days of your beautiful soul

Dancing all on its own

Perfect & stunning

Strong & proud

Gifting you the power greater than before


Like a warm Spring breeze



will come

showing you it’s time to try again

And you will

You will forget what you own

You will let

butterfly’s dance across the delicate sand of your heart

The ripples of their wings

making your stomach empty

and eyes crave.


Relentless longing

For the lover to return


It kisses

Soft & humming

Like moonlight through a window

Like sunrise across an ocean

It holds

Firm & beating

Like drums in the distance

Like fists upon my chest

It trembles

Weak & subtle

Like fearful children on war torn streets

Like autumn leaves freeing their grip

It seeks

Relentless & repetitive

Like strangers at nights end

Like dolphins in cool blue seas

It screams

Open & howling

Like a widow dyeing inside

Like the wind through crevices

Like a first kiss on your heavy lips

An arm reaching from your new lover

Like the first time

Wanting the words to be true

Yet knowing it will end

Aching for no change

Only the moment to play over

& over

& over

Hold my colour

Body of you
Sleeping far from me
Limbs longing
Like a climbing dawn
Into the sky
To hold our colour
Not fade
Nor dissolve
Don’t weaken now
Body of you
Holding me in your mind
Nights void of sleep
Starless skies creep
Into morning bird song
I hear the whisper of your heart
Distant at my bench
The kettle stops
The dog whimpers
Tears at my eyes
Another day without you at my side

Guest post

Our wrinkles and sags.
Our drooping.
Our dropping.
Pulling us to the Earth.
Cell by cell.
Drawing us down, close enough to grow roots.
Close enough to become One.

We are women.
Knowing creatures.
Created from a wrinkle
In the One Who Knows hips.

We are preserving female tradition.
We stand in the mundane,
While we dance with spirit manifest.
Our ears prick to the sounds of the future.
Our eyes flicker to the sight of our ancient past.
One foot in the world and one foot the psychic land.
All while rocking a baby upon our hips.

As we look in the mirror
And we pour upon our own milky eyes,
We must see that we have given birth to an infant universe.
We are the thread of humankind.
We may throw on many costumes
We may take on many guises.
But when we decide to finally remove our veils,
We must remember that our dress-up box is the story of our life.

We can call ourselves by any name.
High name.
Low name.
New name.
Ancient name.
We remain what we are.
The tradition of the feminine.
Walking in these bones.

From Maiden to Crone.
Our right of passage.
An unparalleled journey.
Our most deepest honour.


She wishes to kiss his chin
Climb up into his arms

Fall back into love

She wishes that they kissed
He has flown to another town

To climb into ‘the’ bachelor life

She will fall into ‘the’ routine

He has said goodbye …. again
She feels promise in her veins

As the night wraps around her

The damp air sticks to where

She wishes he were
He is the love of her life

The one who made her a mama

The one whom certainly fell from

Any expectation held

He is her moment to moment

& Every second in between

He is the pause before she inhales

The dragging silence as she breaths out, out, out.

She wants to fall again

Fall into him again

Fall in love all over again

To sit in sunshine and then

Kiss amongst the breeze.

Sit under trees, to watch the tide leave.

Saturated they could be

With all the glances easily missed.

Weight me down winter blankets

This season’s sure to hurt

My bones that ache for you.

Teleport Tea

Coming in from the sky

She sits
At the edge of my table
Bulked with fine tip colours
Stacked to the edges
With books and puzzles
No room for the hot tea
I offer her delicate hands
“I’ll hold it”
she whispers
So as not to wake
the young ears in the adjacent room
Sleeping off their busy day.
Her eyes are dark
but always bright
Our bodies are bursting
With a dance from the trees
Ancient roots drinking
from the same source,
The Sage’s sauce!
all knowing
Like the universe’s pulse.
The winds’ symphony sweeps
past the window
as our smiles are tickled
by tears dripping
from loaded scales
UnbAlanced and spilling
from creases in the corners of our eyes.
Proud to be seen
With the sagging skin,
fashion-less bones
& dusty homes.
Oh this lady makes my heart light
Like vertigo
Pulling me off guard, out
Folding with laughter, now
Biting lips, quietly
To the moonlit grass dazzling
beneath the River in the Sky
Once telling stories to the bearers
of this land
Now silencing, the borrowers
of their knowledge.
My arm wraps around her shoulders,
I wish she didn’t have to leave
Her words will fill my screens
Her dreams will fill my heart
Her friendship will fill my life
Our sips are slowing
this night is ending.
I wave out to the stars
twinkling beside Venus
as she makes her journey home.
I kiss my babes faces
before one final sip.
Warming the tiny cold
and lonely spot.
I love her visits