Guest post

Our wrinkles and sags.
Our drooping.
Our dropping.
Pulling us to the Earth.
Cell by cell.
Drawing us down, close enough to grow roots.
Close enough to become One.

We are women.
Knowing creatures.
Created from a wrinkle
In the One Who Knows hips.

We are preserving female tradition.
We stand in the mundane,
While we dance with spirit manifest.
Our ears prick to the sounds of the future.
Our eyes flicker to the sight of our ancient past.
One foot in the world and one foot the psychic land.
All while rocking a baby upon our hips.

As we look in the mirror
And we pour upon our own milky eyes,
We must see that we have given birth to an infant universe.
We are the thread of humankind.
We may throw on many costumes
We may take on many guises.
But when we decide to finally remove our veils,
We must remember that our dress-up box is the story of our life.

We can call ourselves by any name.
High name.
Low name.
New name.
Ancient name.
We remain what we are.
The tradition of the feminine.
Walking in these bones.

From Maiden to Crone.
Our right of passage.
An unparalleled journey.
Our most deepest honour.



She wishes to kiss his chin
Climb up into his arms

Fall back into love

She wishes that they kissed
He has flown to another town

To climb into ‘the’ bachelor life

She will fall into ‘the’ routine

He has said goodbye …. again
She feels promise in her veins

As the night wraps around her

The damp air sticks to where

She wishes he were
He is the love of her life

The one who made her a mama

The one whom certainly fell from

Any expectation held

He is her moment to moment

& Every second in between

He is the pause before she inhales

The dragging silence as she breaths out, out, out.

She wants to fall again

Fall into him again

Fall in love all over again

To sit in sunshine and then

Kiss amongst the breeze.

Sit under trees, to watch the tide leave.

Saturated they could be

With all the glances easily missed.

Weight me down winter blankets

This season’s sure to hurt

My bones that ache for you.

Teleport Tea

Coming in from the sky

She sits
At the edge of my table
Bulked with fine tip colours
Stacked to the edges
With books and puzzles
No room for the hot tea
I offer her delicate hands
“I’ll hold it”
she whispers
So as not to wake
the young ears in the adjacent room
Sleeping off their busy day.
Her eyes are dark
but always bright
Our bodies are bursting
With a dance from the trees
Ancient roots drinking
from the same source,
The Sage’s sauce!
all knowing
Like the universe’s pulse.
The winds’ symphony sweeps
past the window
as our smiles are tickled
by tears dripping
from loaded scales
UnbAlanced and spilling
from creases in the corners of our eyes.
Proud to be seen
With the sagging skin,
fashion-less bones
& dusty homes.
Oh this lady makes my heart light
Like vertigo
Pulling me off guard, out
Folding with laughter, now
Biting lips, quietly
To the moonlit grass dazzling
beneath the River in the Sky
Once telling stories to the bearers
of this land
Now silencing, the borrowers
of their knowledge.
My arm wraps around her shoulders,
I wish she didn’t have to leave
Her words will fill my screens
Her dreams will fill my heart
Her friendship will fill my life
Our sips are slowing
this night is ending.
I wave out to the stars
twinkling beside Venus
as she makes her journey home.
I kiss my babes faces
before one final sip.
Warming the tiny cold
and lonely spot.
I love her visits

So Here 


Here is the sad that crept in


My distant demands felt so futile

Like the meaning is stark

with fractures

It’s dark

So very dark

with a lonely heart
I long to be settled in soil

to toil oh to toil

You feel so far from my breeze

Like the meaning is easing

I can always say the words

Always brave the day

But nothing caves the howl
Thoughts wander in the night

To the mountain we just might

Just might

gaze soon upon

Run like children

No future in sight
Your ladder is rising

I shall never stop you climbing

I shall never

Not open us to new paths

Know that all my journeys

Are inward bound

And the pace

We turn

Oh we just keep turning

To the next step

Its not the loss I’m feeling

For places that were

Even the faces that are
It’s the mix of words

That feel like your

Dreams are changing

The stir of differed direction

It hiccups in my soul

Stranded by the change

That is abound

My cave wants to close

My soul wants to hide

When just my feet

Stand still

My heart still soars

My howl wants to haunt

The stars

spotting through

the purple hue
I want to call out


To end the spaces

The states between us

Our ancient stories

Like burning roads

Crumbled bridges

Turn our faces to the sun

As our feet burrow in

Into this earth


To turn to you at night

And whisper I’m not in fright

We have gold in our hearts

Tumble tumble

Down here to me

My arms speak
My heart soars To a place

I prey we find

to be the we

The we

that met

and walked the sand

Talking of this land
The souls we met

Under the stars

The souls that danced

In sheets day & night

My spirit wants

To close my eyes

On the way to you

To not lose my way
My North Star

Be a Bethlehem

For your family’s arms

Let us make beds within you

Let the gifts of today

Be the steps for tomorrow

To climb to the stars

Popping our hearts
Be the one holding our hands

As we walk through trees

Breathing in each other

Like cold morning air

Like there is no care

To the day ahead

It has the faces we longed for

And the soil we toiled for

Let it be for


Our story

Not theirs.

W I L L I N G T O O P E N 


Finding a home 
now that I’m alone 
meant a softer heart 
with a fresher start 
I’ve lifted my game 
I’m filled with no shame
for anything I’ve done
as everything I’ve become
is the product of learning 
on this earth turning 
tilting to look at a moon 
eyes close to feel the resume
always to embrace the new 
Heart walls dabbed with glue
finding this landscape 
ain’t a piece of cake 
but a land worth fighting for 
a space worth more and more 


when I was your world 

our language was sensation 

Once aggressively toned
Or misfired resentment 

Task defined.

you took photos for her 

on retreats that laced my heart 

With everything pretty 

A family should be 


Now building

etching the future 

as distance looms 

carved into each night.

Somewhere in my 3Am heart 

notices my fear of you straying again.

Weeks to count & fill with tasks

hours to blend by hemming the end 

of this little reality 

with promises 

all will be ok.

The big picture is here

the plan is in place – all is ok

Ok is all.

What not of 

if we fall


out of connect.

Out of control 

with planning 

for safety. Sureness






Bluntly I converse 

with myself 

that I can be it all again.

Whom else should I believe but the one who has the truth. 

The one who has not slept on it. 

Who has not slept…

She who has a plan – a professional plan

to rearrange anxiety 

A plan to be everything 

that she believes. 


Some say a victim 

Some say a fraud

Some are blood 

Some are stardust 

8 limbs taught her to recognise 

both Are One.

She is strong because she is honest 

Some are scared of truth.

Like the 3Am heart 

beating so loud 

it woke the interlect.

The lobes 

that forgot how to love.

The imminent truth that falls from the symbols in wake 

That float to the heart when one is couragous enough to seek.

Sensations speak 

louder than his snore.

She will adore before it steers 

toward northern skies.

A king single to untuck 

the bachelors drum will beat till 3.

Until it matches a tempo from long ago

a blue box serenade 

a rooftop view & never 

a promise of always.

She waits for the end of this chapter 

to embrace the seeds …. the seeds of change 

their change. 


Always hers. 




freedom to grow, know and show 

show his family 

He captures frames 

in stardust and trust 

Gifting the debt

in the plight of delight

I curse you not in my sight

blending across the night

this heart wants to fight


 when she gives in to the remote class

To serve sexist faces joking about her ass

15 minutes ain’t for fame

but crying away in shame

is it better she blogs out of fear

instead of your table to clear

she says the same things true

but no longer needs to smile at you



not in my sight

This night

To fight